Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO ?

At whatever point you enter a query in an search engines like ‘Google’ and hit ‘enter’ you get a list of web results about that contain that query term. Users ordinarily tend to visit sites that are at the the top of this list as on this rundown as they see those to be more important to the question. In the event that you have ever asked why some of these sites rank higher than the others then you should realize that it is a direct result of an intense web marketing system called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is a procedure which helps search engines and rank your webpage higher than the many different webpages in response to search query. SEO in this way encourages traffic from search engines.

Why SEO is Important(Client’s Perspective) :


In this era, many of the people search their requirements like Products/ Services on search engine(in India 95% peoples use Google) & according to that query google shows relevant results in the form of list, people always tend to select from the first page, so it is very important to have our website on the first page.No one is going to put directly your website name in browser, unless & until you have created your own brand name(Like Amazon, Flipkart etc).


We as an SEO expert will make your site SEO friendly.We assure you that, your website will be on the first page within 2-3 months

Web Analytics

Website Tracking Using Google Analytics

Tracking client information in any marketing campaign is the single most vital angle to ensure its success. Settling on the key performance indicators of any online marketing activity & working towards an achievable objective in terms of measurability measurements, are the signs of any powerful promotional campaign. Our Web Analytics team plunges into the traffic data of all your online properties, and gathers out brilliant observations, out of an apparently random collection of numbers.

How we do it?

There will be a generous number of tools available which will track your site’s traffic data for you. In any case, every analytics tool may not be customized to the necessities of your business. It is here that we advance in, and choose which tool is best suited for your brand. We consider factors like your online presence, your target audience (demographics like age & location) and the measurements which would be the most relevant to evaluate your site’s performance. Google Analytics provides by far, the most comprehensive and conversion-tracking-oriented traffic data online. Our analytics experts use the full abilities of this analytics tool and set up goals for your campaign. Goals are particularly vital especially while tracking e-commerce platforms and help you obviously set objectives for your website performance.

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