SEO Friendly Website Development

SEO Friendly Website :

The search engine friendly website “is a user-friendly website that enables websites to be easily found via the search engines,” In other words, it’s a website that is made for users but it also holds search engines.

basics of good website design for most extreme SEO affect scarcely changed during the previous 20 years. Websites should be easy to read; easy to explore; easy to find; have a clear and predictable layout, design, and naming; and be quick to download. (Google measures your website’s genuine download time and can utilize that in its ranking judgments.)

SEO Friendly Website

Some Factors For SEO Friendly Website :

1 – Easy Readability & Internal Linking

A central guideline of website design is the capacity of clients to read and engage with your site. Straightforward activities like separating interactive links to the body text can help your gathering of people in exploring their way through connections in a way that means a superior SEO result.

2 – Reduce the Download Time

For every second of load time ‘page deserting’ increases exponentially. This again indicates to Google a hole between what they were after and your website, affecting your SERP. The reality is that perceived download time is more important than reality. Regardless of to what extent it takes if user’s perceptions are that it’s taking too long say bye bye!

Web design should focus not only on clean quick code but also on keyword approval. Giving the audience a perceived instant approval of their decision to click on the site, removing the actual load time from the equation.

3 – Make Your Code Clean

Web crawlers can only crawl your website in HTML and if not implemented effectively, CSS and JavaScript can cause the crawlers to skip over potentially important aspects of your website.

4 – Content Ready Design

The ‘content is king’ phrase again rears its head. Fresh and keyword relevant content is the thing that keeps on driving your successful SEO practices. Website design should support this by having a content ready design. This implies setting up your content, Meta tags and providing a dedicated space in your website design for regular content updates.

A basic method to do this is to set up a blog on your site and write articles on your specialty.

5 – Make URL’s SEO friendly

Very obvious yet in the event that a human can read and understand a URL and what is expected on the page so too can a search engine.

Crawlers crawl the URL names, content and subject of the website and set a ranking priority of websites.

SEO Friendly Website Development

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Implementation :

AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages are standing out enough to be noticed nowadays. AMP is a project from Google and Twitter which is intended to grow extremely fast mobile pages. To be more particular, it is a stripped down type of HTML also called the diet HTML.

The HTML page is designed to be super lightweight and load critical designs even speedier. The pages are designed to be an open source platform. Thus this develops the openness towards the task.

Being a reputed Web and Mobile app development company, our services support ventures starting from Startups to large scale. We help these startups to adopt an AMP web design to amplify speed, SEO visibility, mobile traffic, user experience and render various different guides.


Final Takeaway

There is no brisk answer for the ideal SEO and web design mixture. It is a balancing act between upgrading your SEO potential without detracting from the style of the website. The spotlight should be on usability and user experience. By the day’s end if the users find it difficult to use your website, not only will they leave and your SERP will decay, you may lose them until the end of time.

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